Central Park Common –

the Heart of this 12-acre,

Master-planned Community

Central Park Common™ is more than an urban park – it’s the heart of this master- planned community. Like the traditional village green, the Common is where you can connect with your friends. Saying “Meet me at the Common” will be as natural as saying “Hello.” This three-acre, award-winning, urban park is the perfect place to find a sweet spot to unwind, or spend some quality time with friends and family. Its pedestrian- friendly, open streets lined with trees and bicycle-friendly paths set a new standard for urban living. For outdoor meeting and mingling, it’s the place to be – all year round.
The award-winning Central Park Common

Central Park Common –

a Vibrant, Three-acre, Urban

Park Celebrating Culture

and Cuisine

The Common is a triumph of landscaped architecture – a sun-filled synergy of enchanting green spaces, original art installations, fountains and reflecting pools, with cafes and restaurants spilling onto the sidewalks. It’s a welcoming space to gather for rest and recreation, where you can enjoy live music and browse the stalls of the farmers’ market, street vendors and local artists – events that are all part of year-round programming.

The Common provides a captivating,landscaped gateway for a pleasant walk to and from the subway and GO station.In winter, lacing up your skates and sipping hot chocolate at the picturesque skating rink is destined to become a quintessential winter activity.

Central Park Common farmers’ market – part of year-round programming
Central Park Common – skating on the picturesque ice rink, destined to become a quintessential winter activity

Celebrating Culture

and Cuisine

Indulge your food fantasies at one of Central Park’s fine eateries. The cafes and restaurants elevate dining to a new level, and the gourmet food market is sure to excite your senses. Street musicians entertain you with soft music as you enjoy a glass of wine under the summer stars, or lunch on the sunny terrace. As the sun sets, savour a chef-driven dinner in one of the bistros or trattorias – fostering a spirit of exploration by connecting people through food.
Enjoy year-round programming in Central Park Common
An array of choices for dining and socializing in Central Park
One of Central Park’s chef-driven eateries
Central Park Common provides a captivating, landscaped gateway for a pleasant walk to and from the subway and GO station

Live, Work, Play – A Vibrant

Pedestrian Experience

Central Park is the ideal place to live, work and play. It incorporates over 320,000 square feet of newly designed creative office space that feature a stimulating range of shops, cafes and services at street level, providing a vibrant pedestrian experience just beyond your front door. Driven to inspire and innovate, the newly designed office space includes sustainable green initiatives providing an exceptional work environment with forward-thinking features and smart technology. 

Services will include a privately operated children’s daycare, that features a spacious outdoor playground, catering to parents with toddlers and young children. Having this on-site convenience will make dropping the kids off at daycare feel like a “walk in the park.”

Central Park incorporates newly designed creative office space with street-level services including a children’s daycare