The Development Team

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Amexon Development Corporation® has received the following prestigious awards:
awarded by the International Property Awards
awarded by the International Property Awards
awarded by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
awarded by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association
awarded by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association
awarded by the Canadian Property Awards
awarded by the Canadian Property Awards
Amexon is widely recognized as one of Toronto’s most prominent real estate developers. Amexon Development Corporation has been synonymous with building excellence and client satisfaction for over 45 years. Amexon is responsible for the development and management of over five million square feet of commercial, residential, industrial and hotel properties across Canada. They bring their highly successful expertise, extraordinary vision and lifetime passion for outstanding buildings and spectacular interior design to this luxury residential development.
With The Residences at Central Park Amexon is creating a unique master-planned community in collaboration with a carefully selected team of award-winning architects, interior designers, landscape architects and construction managers. Setting new standards in the condominium industry, Amexon has earned a stellar reputation for their dedication to delivering superior-quality properties distinguished by refined design, elegant finishes, and first-class amenities.

CORE Architects

Deni Poletti is a founding partner of internationally renowned CORE Architects. Deni’s commitment to excellence has played a significant role in establishing the firm’s reputation for leading-edge architectural design.

CORE’s extensive portfolio includes condominium, retail, recreational, and hospitality developments. Many of Deni Poletti’s projects have been featured in numerous publications and have garnered prestigious awards. CORE’s experience with urban design and development has been sought after in both the public and private sectors. A leading Canadian architect, Deni Poletti has been instrumental in expanding the firm’s portfolio both nationally and internationally.

CORE Architects has won over thirty-five prominent architectural and design awards.

Deni Poletti, CORE Architects
Dan Menchions (left), and Keith Rushbrook, II BY IV DESIGN


With their fusion of experience and creative vision for the next defining trend in interior design, this internationally acclaimed design firm has won over 450 awards for interior design in condominium developments, hotels, restaurants, retail, exhibits, as well as showroom and office projects. Named “Designers of the Year” five times, their work has been featured in TV productions and in countless publications around the world.

With a vast portfolio of condominium projects throughout Toronto, across Canada and abroad, their focus has remained fixed on providing innovative and profoundly functional design. II BY IV DESIGN is creating that magical feel at The Residences at Central Park, demonstrating an inspired interpretation of current and emerging consumer attitudes and expectations.

Cosburn Nauboris Landscape Architects

Cosburn Nauboris is an award winning landscape architectural firm that has become an instrumental force in the industry through their design of innovative and creative landscape environments. This renowned firm builds on links between architecture and landscapes to create spaces that engage both nature and urbanism. The development of their designs has continuously pushed the boundaries to produce sustainable and inspired, evocative spaces.

With The Residences at Central Park, Cosburn Nauboris demonstrate their commitment to the principle of “designing with nature” in creating timeless urban parks while respecting the surroundings. Their innovative landscape designs connect people to each other and to the natural world.

Toddglen Construction

Toddglen is widely recognized as an industry-leading construction company in the high-rise condominium building sector throughout Canada, and has been for decades. The Toddglen team has overseen the completion of over 50,000 residential units and over two million square feet of commercial space.

Toddglen brings together the skills and talents necessary not only to build remarkable projects but also to ensure end-user loyalty and confidence. Toddglen’s attention to detail has earned the company a stellar and enviable reputation in the condominium industry for quality control and customer satisfaction.