Environmental Sustainability –

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Central Park incorporates industry-leading environmental and sustainable initiatives for a clean, energy-efficient lifestyle. Green design is showcased throughout the architecture starting at the top: the tower is topped with a glass crown in which reflective solar panels generate the purest energy and green roofs reduce energy consumption and absorb rainwater. The thermal building envelope minimizes energy usage and next-generation mechanical systems incorporate advanced air flow and filtration systems. EV (electric vehicle) charging stations are located throughout the parking areas in

residential and visitor parking spaces, promoting safe, clean travel – free of emissions. There is direct access to the TTC subway and GO Transit to minimize driving, helping to reduce energy consumption – or go green with use of the on-site bicycle- or car-share service. The suites incorporate low water- and electrical- use systems and appliances, and provisions for cutting-edge automation, enabling residents to control temperature, lighting, multimedia or other items from their smartphone.

Resident App
On-site bicycle-share service
Public transit reduces our carbon footprint
Programmable comfort system
EV (electric vehicle) charging stations in residential and visitor parking spaces promote safe, clean travel – free of emissions

Amexon’s Green Development Standard™

incorporates industry-leading sustainable

green features into the development

Solar panels supplement the building’s power needs
Green roofs reduce energy consumption
Low-waste systems conserve water use

In the suite:

In the building:

Convenient on-site car-share service with abundant dedicated spaces